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We are dedicated to one thing. To help attorneys build their practice. Our networking and marketing specialists are here to help lawyers of all stripes and specialties understand the latest in marketing, networking, and practice building. Our marketing management services are made to help you succeed.

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We are a mixed group of legal professionals that found a calling to help attorneys and law firms grow their practice using the latest tools, technology, and available outlets.

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In today’s fast-paced world, law firms are more focused on the bottom line than they are on training the attorneys they hire. That’s where Firm Theory steps in. We have put together a comprehensive plan that will teach lawyers and other legal professionals how to create, build, and expand their practices. We believe that part of your practice needs to be focused on the future. Firms used to understand that and would train new attorneys how to share their time between now and the future. Having lost that focus, many firms are failing to attract the clients they used to. We find the balance. Using a blend of traditional methods and new tools we help to create networks and habits that will help you grow your practice into a success.


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Become the Specialist

Hire A Specialist

“You hire a specialist to do a specialists job.”  -Tom Wheelwright This quote came into my podcast feed this morning via the latest episode of Morris Invest and I can’t begin to explain how much it blew me away. This is exactly what I’ve been telling clients, friends, and even my wife for years. I […]

When to Update your Website

4 Things You Need To Update On Your Website?

You have a website to bring in to show the world who you are and to work on building your practice. Even if you’ve just fully updated your entire website, there are changes that you need to keep an eye on and get done quickly. Some changes are easy to do and will take only […]

It's Time to Leave the Firm

The Right Way to Leave Your Law Firm

So you’ve decided to leave your firm. Whether you’ve been given a better offer, are ready to go solo, or are leaving the law completely, there are some things you should do, and some you shouldn’t before you walk out the door. Here are a few of the basic rules for resigning: First and foremost, […]

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